All of us when we get into an elevator and a lot of people look definitely or ceiling or floor or button ...

Even when people find two strangers, stand as far away as possible from each other. Have you wondered why? Researchers argue ... that is an automatic instinctive reaction to a threat and operate like you have to defend something, protecting ourselves.


It is a reaction that is programmed into DNA and in our minds after thousands of years of evolution and survival. It really is a way to protect ourselves from others so as not to cause unexpected reactions.

Possibly due to the fact that history has shown that the coexistence of people in a confined space was almost always a violent end.

In tests performed in the laboratory of Dario Maestripieri, University of Chicago, found that rhesus monkeys respond in the same way.

When two monkeys were placed in the same small cage, make that the people in the elevator. They try to avoid confrontation.

Do not look in the eyes and if their eyes met showing their teeth, which is similar to our own smile.



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